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Informing, Transforming and Reforming
women/Queens who are in search of their
life's meaning to create
a life with and on purpose.

“The crown doesn’t make one a King or Queen, but who one is on the inside does.” – Andrea John

About Andrea

Creative, passionate, resilient and influential are words many people use to describe Andrea John – an upcoming professional Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Christian Counsellor, Writer, Prophetic dancer and Poetess who loves people from all races and backgrounds. Andrea is a co-author of the book “Baggage to Blessings”. In her chapter “My Walk Through the Tunnel”, she shares her story about how she overcame suicidal thoughts. She’s the author of The Queen of Quotes: “Liberated 2 Liberate.” In this book she uses quotes from her personal experiences that taught her about herself, life and others. As a chosen vessel to proclaim the wisdom of God to Queens, young people and the world at large, she has made a vow to the Living God to live a holy and set apart life by demonstrating purity in every aspect.

Andrea graduated from Bible College July 25, 2015 at the age of 24 with a certificate in Biblical Studies and Christian Counselling, (APS Specialist) which she acquired a congratulation achievement letter from Councillor Rob Ford and MPP for York West, Mario Sergio. She desires to obtain her doctor of divinity before the age of 35. Andrea’s assignment is to live out her divine purpose, which allows her to fulfil her divine destiny, while using her gifts and talents to INFORM, TRANSFORM and REFORM whom-ever she has an encounter with.

Liberated 2 Liberate

Liberated 2 Liberate was conceived and built on Luke 4:18-19. It is a movement ordained to set the captives free, bringing souls into the Kingdom of God.

Our ultimate mission is to persistently  Inform, Transform and Reform women who are in search of their life’s meaning to create a life with and on purpose, in-spite of their pain or horrific past experiences.

Ladies, we all went through some form of abuse. Whether it is spiritually, financially, verbally, sexually etc. We all are pregnant with purpose, and the world is waiting on us to give birth. It is time for us to unite and build! Let us activate the Queen in each other!

“The words that proceed from a Queen’s mouth produce life and work miracles in the life of other women.” – Andrea John


Prophetic Dancing:

Andrea’s love for dancing began at a very young age. Her passion for dancing has been the gateway for her ministry to bloom. Dancing is one of the many ways she gets to convey the things she desires to say. She enjoys ministering through dance, destroying yokes and bondage through the power of Holy Ghost! Andrea does consider herself as a distinct dancer because she allows the Holy Ghost to influence and inspire her moves.


Andrea’s love for poetry was birthed from pain at the tender age of 18.Through poetry she has expressed her thoughts of seeing her mother physically and verbally abused by men. Poetry is her therapy through life challenges and struggles. She uses poetry to encourage and inspire others through their pain, bringing healing and transformation. How would you feel to see your mother knocked out on the floor life-less?


Andrea is an influential and empowering speaker, who is dedicated and passionate about declaring the word of Yahweh. She loves to edify Queens and youth through the word of God and her many experiences with life. She has a burning desire to extract  what God has implanted in them. Andrea is an overcomer of suicidal thoughts and she is passionate and ready to share openly about some of her challenges and struggles.

Queen Of Quotes
The Queen of Quotes: “Liberated 2 Liberate” will catapult readers into their life’s purpose and greatness. These quotes were birthed from places of pain, struggle, challenge, fear, faith and love etc. These are all quotes from Andrea’s personal experiences that taught her about herself, life and others. Because of these quotes, she was able to cope with life’s struggles with integrity
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